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This is Complementary Health Care and Therapeutic Services offered by a Board Certified Coach. Your NLP Coach Joana Lopez is a complementary health care practitioner who is a highly skilled Practitioner certified with the Canadian Board of Multidisciplinary Coaching Professionals. The self-regulated holistic treatments and client-centered disciplines in which your NLP Coach Joana Lopez is trained and in which she has experience include consulting and coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Humanitarian Coaching, and H.E.H.L. 

What to Expect: The session(s) you will experience with your Master NLP Coach Joana Lopez will very likely be very different from what expected.

1.  Essentially, we spend very little time talking about the problem. In fact, most of the session(s) are about other things – specifically, the solution and what needs to happen to position you towards your success.

Our interest is in how you create the problem. Yes, you read that correctly. We believe that you are powerful and created the problem, which means that you are also powerful and can create something different for yourself. When exploring how you created the problem, we will be examining your language, which represents your thoughts and Model of the World. Once we discover how you structure this problem currently, we can help you restructure for change and focus on achieving a very favorable outcome quickly and gently.

If you have experienced coaching, NLP or another kind of session before, expect that this one will be very different and quite a lot shorter due to our methodology.

2.   This is the Process:

We believe in the 3 Requisites for Change.

  • Our Role: Help you clean up the past.
  • Your Role: Enforce your boundaries.
  • Your Role: Focus on what you want.


  • Firstly, there is an intake where you will tell us the problem you wish to resolve. This is called your Presenting Problem. We will ask questions to discover how you do it in your life and in your head. We will dig down in order to discover the source of the problem. 
  • Secondly, there is an intervention, where will use specific techniques that will be hand-picked based on your unique needs. Additionally, we will definitely clear out emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and use other unconscious technologies designed to get your unconscious mind on board so we can quickly move you towards your results.
  • Thirdly, there will be activities that you will be required to do to build neurology – they are designed SPECIFICALLY for your success. After each session, we will likely assign you some very specific tasks designed to help you build new neurology to move beyond the problem. All tasks are a required part of the process. Each task is unique and may take up to several days or weeks to complete. 


3. During your session(s) we will use one or more of the following techniques:


a) Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): NLP is a model of communication that provides clues as to how we construct our own unique version of reality. It relates to how we communicate to ourselves and others. It also includes content free techniques designed to quickly shift one or more of the elements inside your amazing biochemical feedback philosophies which focus on the information coming in through the neurology (cognitive) and the programs we run inside our heads to produce the behaviors (behavioral) we do. Your Coach Joana Lopez is certified as an NLP Practitioner by the Canadian Board of Multidisciplinary Coaching Professionals in NLP.


a) Hypnosis: Is the use of trance to make changes at the unconscious level. All learning, all behavior, and all change happen at the unconscious level so using this tool, we are able to speed up the change process. Your Coach Joana Lopez is trained and certified as Hypnotherapist by the Canadian Board of Multidisciplinary Coaching Professionals. If Hypnosis is be used during your session, for your safety, please make sure that you are completely wide awake before driving or doing any other activities that require concentration.

 b) Humanitarian Coaching: Is a complimentary healthcare modality that is results focused and implements change that ties in seamlessly to your model of the world. This beautiful and elegant method of coaching honors your humanity and celebrates the gift that you are so you can continue to be a wonderful contribution to the planet. This methodology of coaching also honors your coach Joana Lopez unique gifts and skill-sets. Joana Lopez is highly trained to help you move quickly through the uncomfortable points of human life to the more joyous ones.


c) Healthy Energy, Happy Life (H.E.H.L.): This Quantum Healing modality recognizes that reality is neutral and it is our observation of it that makes it real to us. Using reality filters that enable us to use our emotions as data in order to help us create a life we love. HEHL offers a framework for creating a sustainable healthy energy field within one’s life to optimize the opportunity to experience a happy life.


4. Confidentiality: All information you choose to share with us will be kept strictly confidential within our company. Please note: we are required in the province of Ontario to share information about a child or elder abuse with the provincial bodies that oversee such matters.

5. Your Guarantee: By us agreeing to work with you, we know that we can get you to your goal through our highly tailored-to-you process. This means that we GUARANTEE our RESULTS IN WRITING. You will get the results you came to us for and we will work with you for the entirety of this contract plus an additional follow up call to provide any additional guidance. We guarantee our work because our experience has shown us that our clients always get results. 

6. Coaching Schedule:

The Breakthrough consists of 2 Coaching days scheduled back-to-back and three months of accountability support:

Day 1: Up to 5 Hours talking about the Presenting Problem (This is the last time we will discuss the problem in depth).
Day 2: Up to 8 Hours of Intervention (Transformational Coaching. Changing non-supportive strategies using the techniques listed above).
Accountability Support: 90-minute Biweekly calls following the Breakthrough.                                                                                                                                                                                      Email & Text Access:  You will be able to send unlimited texts and emails to your NLP Coach Joana Lopez in which you and she will agree to 1 day per week in which she responds with 1 Email or Text addressing all of your needs and questions.
Tasking: Will be assigned on a per-session basis in which you and your NLP Coach will agree to deadlines for completion.

NOTE: We will do our best to accommodate a different schedule if it is needed or required.

Acceptance as a Breakthrough client for the 3 months online coaching package requires an assessment interview, to evaluate your needs and to propose a personalized package.