In the sphere of personal development and growth, coaching can take on many different forms, which includes: life coaching, business coaching, spiritual coaching, relationship coaching, etc. Within each form of coaching, there is also a variety of approaches.

Coaching is just a process that helps people make positive, desired and specific changes in their lives, over a relatively short period of time, through deep, powerful and meaningful conversations, tools and techniques that transform their perception completely, creating a very positive impact in their lives.

At its core, coaching is about helping people discover who they are, what they really want in life and how they can go about achieving it in the most authentic and personal way. The definition of “be authentic” means to “be yourself”– not anyone else’s version of who you should be or do – not even your own made up version of the person you think you may have to be. When you allow yourself to be the magnificent person that you were born to be in your unique and personal way, you get access to your own inner wisdom faster than ever. 

I believe that with a little bit of help every person can discover that the answers and resources they are seeking are within. Holding this as the basis of my work my responsibility as a Coach is to:


  • Discover, clarify and help you to align with what you want to achieve;
  • Get rid of negative emotions, limiting decisions and root issues that are blocking you or slowing you down;
  • Show you how to access to your own inner wisdom at anytime, and trust it;
  • Encourage you to be the best version of yourself and strengthen your new positive beliefs;
  • Elicit new ideas, solutions and strategies;
  • Hold you responsible and accountable for your intentions, choices and actions.
  • Remind you why you are on this path and where are you going.


Coaching expands your awareness of who you really are and what you deeply desire & value so you can make more intentional and confident choices that will bring you the most personal satisfaction.


Over time coaching will help you maintain your R.A.S (Reticular Activating System or in other words your perception) in a clear and consistent way so that you can experience major shifts– you may know these as ‘breakthroughs’ or ‘eureka moments’. Each breakthrough can remove or replace a way of thinking or being that was limiting your potential for happiness (limiting thoughts, beliefs and behavioural patterns).


Breakthroughs have the potential to unlock and reveal new choices and possibilities you never considered before. A breakthrough helps you get rid of the heavy baggage that confused and stopped you in the past -The same baggage that you may has used before as an excuse to not move in the direction that you wanted to go - Getting rid of it allows you to travel on your own path without limitations, blocks or self sabotage, so you’re free to focus on more effective choices, actions and steps that will bring you closer to your desires, goals, and specific outcomes.

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