"Helping my clients create a life that they love, and helping them access their own inner wisdom is one of the most amazing gifts life has given me" Joana.

Those who have worked with Joana Lopez refer to her as one of the most passionate, compassionate, and amazing personal development teachers. She is a Breakthrough Transformational Specialist, NLP Life and Business Coach, and a Relationship Expert.


Dedicated and driven by the human potential, and her own personal story, Joana has worked with individuals for the past seven years, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create happier, richer, more fulfilling lives with ease. She has had the privilege of studying with some of the world's most influential leaders in the fields of Law of Attraction and Personal Development.

Joana's mission in life is to help everyone who is ready for a huge transformation. She helps clients access their own inner wisdom, and helps them discover that all the answers and resources that they’re seeking are within them.

Her mission in life is to inspire, and remind people that to BE AUTHENTIC is the key to finding happiness that make sense to each of us."To be authentic means to BE OURSELVES - no one else’s version of who you should be - not even your own made-up version of who you think you have to be. It means allowing your own personal and unique light to shine at its full potential".





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